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Ab initio engines

General information

Code homepage: https://www.openmx-square.org

Full documentation: https://www.openmx-square.org/openmx_man3.9/index.html

Source code: https://www.openmx-square.org/download.html

Detailed information

Short description: OpenMX (Open source package for Material eXplorer) is a software package for nano-scale material simulations based on density functional theories (DFT), norm-conserving pseudopotentials, and pseudo-atomic localized basis functions. The methods and algorithms used in OpenMX and their implementation are carefully designed for the realization of large-scale ab initio electronic structure calculations on parallel computers based on the MPI or MPI/OpenMP hybrid parallelism. The efficient implementation of DFT enables us to investigate electronic, magnetic, and geometrical structures of a wide variety of materials such as bulk materials, surfaces, interfaces, liquids, and low-dimensional materials. Systems consisting of 1000 atoms can be treated using the conventional diagonalization method if several hundreds cores on a parallel computer are used.